A Visit From Nelly

Last Saturday, Sylvia held a sledding party for the children in her Sunday School class.  Fresh snow had blanketed the hill and the kids had a great time with the sleds.

Fun rules on the hill beside our house.

A couple of moms had brought children and we watched the merriment through the windows.  They enjoyed themselves immensely–both kids and moms.

Nelly watches her older sisters as the play in the snow.

Among the observers was one-year-old Nelly.  She enjoyed watching her two older sisters frolic on the slope.

In case you are wondering, she did not meet Nellie (aka Kittie).  Our Nellie was nowhere to be found until long after the visitors had departed.

After the kids came in, having had their outdoor fun, Sylvia gave them cups of hot chocolate with marshmallows and a scoop of ice cream.  (That was a big hit!)

I played the movie, Narnia — The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  That was fun too.  Some of the children watched for the first time while others would quote lines in sync with the actors.

We all had a fun day.  Afterward, I had a nap.  Another one may be coming soon.  Aaahh. :)