The Wait Rewarded

Every day, I’ve been watching for the tulip buds to open.  Today, the first one did.

More color in the flower bed

More color in the flower bed

Isn’t that a nice contrast of hues?

Looking into the matter

Looking into the matter

The other tulips should open soon.  What a beautiful day!

Further [Flower] Developments

I enjoy watching our flowers come into blossom.  It seems there is always something in bloom.  There is beauty in everyday, and not just in the flower beds and out on the lawn and in the fields.  If you look you will find it.

Miniature Daffodils

Miniature Daffodils

At first glance, these look like the full-size version.  However they are only about 1.5 inches across.  That compares with the 4-inch daffodils, and makes these only one seventh the size (area).  I am fond of these little fellows.

This one was shy

This one was shy

All blossoms of this variety wanted to look at the ground.  I had to shoot up to get capture this image.  The orange gives a nice frilly touch.

Only a few of this type

Only a few of this type

White and yellow daffodil (no orange) is the least numerous of the many daffodils in our flower beds.  These seem to have a pleasant two-tone simplicity that I find appealing.

It won’t be long before we see tulips in blossom.  The buds are getting bigger each day.

Giving Thanks

And give thanks for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Eph 5:20)

And give thanks for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Eph 5:20)

At prayer meeting last night, our pastor read a letter from a missionary family in Haiti that we help support.  Toward the end of the letter, they had a list of items that they were thankful for.  We understood the handshakes and hugs from Haitian believers and the smiles on faces of children.  We laughed at “working visitors who are out of breath as they walk up the mountain.”  Most of us could relate to the rich odor of newly turned soil.  (The husband is an agriculturalist, who is developing and introducing new food crops and improved strains of others.)

That listed ended with, “The sound of voodoo drums.”  Several gasps could be heard around the assembled group.  Why would they be thankful for that?

Those were not the final words of the letter.  Indeed, they were not the final words of the sentence.  The sentence continued, “because they remind us to pray.”

It was over forty years ago that Sylvia and I learned of the power in giving thanks.  Three weeks ago, when she fell and broke her wrist she had began a list of “I’m thankful for this because.”

The list has obvious items, such as it was not her dominant hand.  In the ER she discovered that the bone density med that she was taking is not good.  We had just learned that a young lady was unemployed.  She is now coming here a couple of times a week to help with cleaning and cooking.  The list is now very long.

Do you practice giving thanks for every thing?

Good and Bad News

No picture today.  I received a formal complaint for having posted an image of snow yesterday.  It is snowing again today.  Just take my word for it.  I’ll trouble you no further about that revolting development.

Good News: A year and a half after surgery and I’m still cancer free!

When I went out this morning, our road still had holes in which you could bury a medium sized animal.  The path to avoiding the holes moves around from day to day, but slow driving allows one to avoid the worst parts.

This afternoon, the county road truck went by.  They are working on the road.

The only thing I miss about winter is the roads.  That dirt converts itself into “poor man’s concrete.”  I still prefer warm dry weather.  So does my arthritis.

Okay, here’s today’s picture.  Just one reason why I love this place.

Mom and one of the twins look for better grass

Mom and one of the twins look for better grass

Alien Invaders?


This is what my eye saw shortly after midnight on March 31.  The silvery streaks are ice on apple branches and the golden spheres are caused by sodium light shining through the raindrops on my office window.

This is what the camera saw:


Perhaps it is just as well that cameras don’t have creative imaginations.  What do you think about that?

Red Tail on Power Pole




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It was Wednesday evening the sun was almost completely set when I looked out upon this scene:


I ran to the office, retrieved the camera and stepped (bare feet) onto the very cold front deck.  The scene changes so rapidly that I didn’t stop for the tripod.  I braced my hand against a partially open door in an effort to get a [not too blurry] shot.

Mere seconds later it looked like this:


It was the most unusual sunset picture I have ever taken.  Isn’t it great when you have a day that brings something completely unexpected, entirely beautiful and is bestowed upon you as a gift?  That’s the way I felt on Wednesday evening.

I had been feeling a bit sad about having missed Tuesday night’s auroral display.  While not the same, this made me feel a whole lot better.


Did you enjoy math classes in school?  Or did you despise it with a purple passion.  Most of us fall into one of those categories.  Math class was always a good place for me to get caught up on the next day’s assignment. :angel:

Even now, I frequently find myself working math problems in my head.  I even enjoy different number bases, binary being the most common.

It is not at all difficult.  In fact, counting in binary is as easy as:

01, 10, 11

Do you know what follows?