Beautiful Day

I’ll admit that I loved Mr Rodgers’ theme song, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.”  It is catchy and that’s the way I feel [almost] every day.


Light snow over night left the road and driveways white.  What a beautiful sight!

Snow has continued and now only a bit of green is peeking through.  At this rate the world will soon be white.  What would you expect for February?

Sylvia and I, along with others are glad to see the report that Vanilla has moved to a rehab facility in his home town.  That should make life easier for his wife, JoAnn.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

To Each His/Her Own

Last evening was open forum discussion night.
Bed time came too soon.

After breakfast this morning, I had to rush off to the dentist’s office.  I must be transforming into royalty, because they put another gold crown on in my head.

When I returned home, Sharkey was on her laptop computer writing for her newspaper column.  Sylvia was reading on her Nook.  Not to be left out, I came into the office and started surfing with my desktop computer.  We may not have smart phones, but we can get entangled with our electronic devices.

The gals have gone on a walk.  It’s a beautiful day for doing anything outdoors.  I even feel sorry for our neighbors who are stuck in Florida.  I’m sure we’ll arrange an appropriate Michigan-winter welcome home for them.  You may know that means icy winds and knee-deep snow, but not today.

If you read this Vanilla, we wish you were here and not there recovering from heart surgery.  You are present in our thoughts and prayers.  Special thanks to your BBBH (wife), who has been keeping us informed of your progress.

Welcome Visitor

On Saturday, our friend, Sharkey, arrived for a visit with us.  We always look forward to her visits, because we know we’ll have fun, serious conversation, games, lots of laughs and probably some music.


Today, after church, we came home and had Swiss steak that Sylvia had cooked in the slow cooker.  Lemon pie (See My Quality Day) topped off the meal.

Later, we played word games.  The last I saw of them, Sharkey and Sylvia were playing another word game.  Best of all . . . there is more to come.

Their game must be over.  I hear them singing.  Got to go . . .

Found Online


The following is taken from a post by Ionia County Central Dispatch:

Schools are CLOSED for Tuesday, January 19th, 2016 due to secondary road conditions.

Roads today are icy and treacherous.  However, by 11 AM temp had risen to 15 F.

A good day curl up in the recliner and read.



Happiness is hearing nothing but good words at your annual physical exam.

Doctor Fool

My doctor said, “You are in pretty good shape for a 62-year-old man.”  I thanked him.  Then he looked at the chart (actually computer) again.  “Oh, you’re 75.”  I smiled.

Now if my dentist was that kind to me . . .  But then, it’s not his fault.

Project Finished

The office windows now have the blinds installed.  That was the final step.

The new blind installed

The new blind installed

Step two was to replace the [old] valences over the windows.

Sylvia's valences add a nice touch of color

Sylvia’s valences add a nice touch of color

The final view looks like this.

Sylvia at work in our office

Sylvia at work in our office

Perhaps it’s the strong back light.  The walls have a more orange hue.

More Win Doze

Sylvia has painted the window trim (first coat).  This morning, I was greeted by this scene:


The morning sun was bright. Alas, it soon had donned a light cloak thus obscuring the view thereof.

Other News

I broke another spring in the seat of my recliner.  It was the second time that had happened.  I went to, reviewed previous purchases, found the replacement spring and ordered another of the same.

Yesterday, with much frustration and rescue help from Sylvia, we replaced the spring.  In the process we also readjusted the first replacement spring.

In the evening, I sat in the restored recliner relaxing and enjoying The Hobbit – Battle of The Five Armies on DVD.  As the action was getting hot I heard, “SPROING!”  I was let down–literally let down.  The readjusted spring had slipped loose.  That will be my project for this afternoon.

Out With The Old

Out with the old. In with the new.

Out with the old. In with the new.

The new office windows are in place.  The workers installed the trim.  Next step is paint.

Yesterday, Sylvia and I bought paint for that job.  We also bought new blinds for the windows.


The sauerkraut is nearly ready.  We’ve enjoyed watching the process.  Next step is to seal the canning jars (there’s a bit more to it than that).  Later, we’ll enjoy eating it.

Looking out my office windows


Midnight greets Sylvia

That’s the view out our office window.  Thursday morning, the contractor is coming to replace the two office windows and two windows in the basement.

We’re excited and glad to begin the process of replacing windows.  Later this year, we’ll replace more.  For now, this will get us started.

I’ll be back later.  I’m shutting down the computer in anticipation of their visit.


Magi followed the star

Magi followed the star

Today, January 6, is Epiphany — the day we celebrate the visit of the magi to the Christ child.  It is also the twelfth day of Christmas.

Five hundred years earlier, Daniel and his companions, were taken in captivity to Babylon.  There these fellows rose to high rank among the wise men of that empire.  Daniel was elevated to a position of leadership in three empires.

I’ve often wondered if the magi mentioned in Matthew had learned from Hebrew scriptures and the teachings of Daniel.  It makes sense to me.

Today marks the end of the Christmas season at our house.  Soon the decorations will come down and family pictures will once again grace the mantle.