Do you know Rhoda?

Every time I see this bush, it brings to mind a name for a [fictional?] music group with a female lead singer, Rhoda and the Dendrons.


We’ve had a lot going on here and it has kept me away from this blog.  The vegetable garden is in and looking good.  No pictures yet.  The peonies are in blossom.  The purples were first, followed by the pinks.  Yesterday, the white peonies opened their blossoms.  Japanese iris by the barn are looking good, but you have to walk right up to them to see them.  They are hiding behind day lilies, which have not yet blossomed.

We are sleeping better at night since our new Sleep Number bed arrived last week.  It is a lot nicer than sleeping in my recliner.  What a difference it makes to raise the head (easier to breathe w/o snoring) and feet (Lessens pressure on the lower back).  Our unit even has the built in massage.  Expensive, but well worth it.

Sad Discovery

The other day, I was walking down the driveway on my way to the mailbox.  As usual, my eyes were searching for anything different or unusual.  That’s when I saw it there in the driveway.


Some egg thief seems to have enjoyed a meal.  You can see small puncture marks on the left end of this egg shell.  Do you think it was another bird?  Or perhaps a mammal?

Fortunately, that is not a green egg. :laff:

Life: Simple or Complex

They used to tell me that life is simple.  Being simple, I believed them.


Then I discovered that life isn’t that simple.  Maybe there are 11 kinds of people, those who understand binary, those who don’t and those who aren’t sure.  Add another category and we can have 100 kinds of people.  Is that really simple?  Seems complex to me.

Yes, life is complex.  It is also in constant motion.


You get started in a career, get married, have children.  Responsibilities not only accumulate, they also multiply.  This phenomenon intensifies with time.


Warning: Don’t stare too long at that graphic.  It can mess with your mind, and will if you let it.

These days it only takes a good night’s sleep to make me happy.  (Okay I choose to be happy regardless of circumstances.)

When I was young, life was easy,
But with age the slope grew greasy,
Now at this age I do not care,
My home’s not here, it’s over there.


Granny’s Garden

We’ve called the garden area along our foundation wall Granny’s Garden since Briana (granddaughter) gave Sylvia a sign with “Granny’s Garden” on it.  Time and weather have destroyed the sign.  The name remains.

This year, Bryant and Barbara came the Saturday before Mother’s Day and cleaned out that area, putting down fresh mulch.  They also gave her a gift certificate to Flower Land and a beautiful handmade card.  (Handmade cards are a tradition in Barbara’s family, and they do a terrific job each time.)

I went out this morning to check on the plants.


In addition to her new flowers, you can see a rose, giant garlic, mint and hollyhocks.  (Yes, we enjoy fresh garlic–a lot!)


The mica is from Sylvia’s father.  When we see it we think of him.


Holly and peony grow in the end corners.  Barbara trimmed the holly bushes so they look great.

Once again we say, “Thank you very much.”

Last Weekend

Our favorite nurse came back to Michigan for a family visit.


She was with her parents at their house.


We had a great time together.  The evening meal was especially nice.  Afterward, we all sang Happy Birthday to Bryant.


He had the cords on his phone.  Briana played them on her ukulele.  Too soon it was time for us to go back home.



Did I sleep through summer?  Yesterday began with snow on the ground.  Later, more was falling from the sky.  (Didn’t get pix of that.)


As I write this, the temp is in the sixties F (abt 17 C) and Sylvia is working in the flower beds.

Why snow on May 15?  Perhaps it was the aftermath of our mild winter?

If one wishes to complain, there is always a reason to be found.  If, on the other hand, one wishes to be joyful there are abundant motives for that.

Crab Apple

When I captured the images in my most recent post, the crab apple blossoms were mere buds.  The next day they opened.  I’ve always been fond of those flowering trees.


As a student, and later as an employee at Michigan State University, I always enjoyed May.  MSU is reported to have the most extensive collections of flowering crab apples anywhere.

Bright and Beautiful

Just before Mother’s Day, it seemed that the whole world was taking on beautiful hues in anticipation of the upcoming tribute.


Some trees pink.  Others are white.


I’ve been watching for the grape hyacinth to appear in the lawn.  It finally has.


We had some nicer hyacinths growing near our back door.  Like the crocus, they disappeared one year.  Now, we have to check under the mulberry tree to find them.

Sometimes life goes that way.  You have to seek if you want to find.