It Takes Timing

Last week on Wordless Wednesday, I found a striking post by David Williams.  (Click on his name to see the photo of the starry evening sky.)  It immediately captured my full attention.  Fortunately, all you have to do is hover the cursor on the image to bring up the technical details.  The next question was, “Can I do that?”

I tried, but I was too late to get the effect I wanted.  The photo is probably worth sharing.

The dipper handle points to Arcturus.

The dipper handle points to Arcturus.

What do you think?  I barely managed to get Arcturus in the shot.  It is the brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere.

A few minutes later I took a shot of the dipper.  During the 30-second exposure, a visitor raced across the scene.

A visitor streaks through the lower left portion of the frame.

A visitor streaks through the lower left portion of the frame.

Can you see the meteor’s trail?  It was another “happy surprise.”

I’m not satisfied with these results, so I’m going to try some other ideas.  If they work better, you may hear about it.

Goodbye Summer

It over.  Gone.  We’re going to miss it.

Still hanging on

Still hanging on

I’m talking about summer.  I think it was here on a Thursday this year.  The visit was so brief.  We searched for summer and found cold and rain.  I hope it doesn’t do that again.  How ’bout you?


The roses are still with us, but they are obviously headed for the exit.

I’d like to take a lesson from the bear.  Gorge myself with food.  Put on rolls of fat.  Take a long nap.  Wake up in the spring.  Yes, that sounds like a good plan.  What do you think of that? :?:


Yesterday (Thursday), Sylvia and I set a time to meet our son, Bryant, at one of our favorite restaurants for lunch.  We arrived first and were shown to a table.  As Sylvia and I talked about our day thus far, we saw Bryant entering.  We greeted his and as he sat down I felt hands on my shoulders.  (The wait staff is friendly, but not that friendly.)  What was it?  I turned to look.

Surprise grandpa!

Surprise grandpa!

There she was, Briana, our granddaughter.  In her final semester in nursing school, she has only one class.  It meets once every-other week.  She spends a couple of days each week on the surgical oncology floor of a local hospital.  There she works with the same wonderful young nurse that attended me after my cancer surgery last year.  How neat is that?  (Did you ever wonder what nurses talk about when there are no patients or doctors around?  I’ve heard rumors. :stars: )

We had lots to talk about and laughed a lot.  We tend to do that.  It’s not nervous laughter, but the real open from-the-heart laughter that comes from being together and enjoy it–a lot.  As an aside, that’s one of the characteristics of Briana’s grandmother that drew me to her as surely as a magnet draws a steel pin.  That humor has now infected the entire family.

I told Briana that I wanted to report what she had posted on her Tumblr blog.  She didn’t object.  Even her uncle (our other son) was taken with it.  She said, “I don’t think anyone understands how funny I think I am.”  Don’t tell her, but I think her family has a very good idea in that regard.  Oh yes, and we agree with her.  A while back I posted this picture that she had posted online.


My sister, Clara, said there was something strange about her bottom lip.  Then she realized that it was a tongue.  I wonder how many of her friends didn’t see it at first.  (Subtle humor is the best. :laff: )

Oh yes, that’s Hutchinson humor with a capital H as in happy.  And happy is how Sylvia and I both felt for this unexpected visit with our granddaughter.  Of course, we enjoyed the conversation with Bryant and the food was excellent.

I love happy surprises.  Do you?

The Brushoff




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It’s Alive!

I’ve been offline for about 24 hours.  There was a broken wire in the cable that runs from our router, out the house, underground to the base of my tower and 70 ft up that tower.  My ISP (and good friend), Brian, came out and fixed it after diagnosing the problem.  It took two trips up the tower.  I’m just glad I didn’t have to climb it.  I don’t think I can do that anymore–at least not safely. :no:

Brian on the tall tower

Brian on the tall tower

There’s a great view from up there.  I’d like to make the climb, and would–if I could.

I rely on the Internet for news updates and communications.  It was like being deaf and blind for a day.  UGH!  Do you have trouble with Internet withdrawal?

Seasons of Beauty

On my birthday, last month, Lin posted on her blog, The Beauty of Seasons.  It triggered an idea in my head about the seasons of beauty.  I hope you mothers can forgive this guy when I say, babies are not beautiful.  The only possible exceptions are my sons, my granddaughter and your children.

All youngsters are beautiful.  Each in their own way.

Some folks say that women hit their peak beauty in their teen years.  I don’t agree.  There was a teenage gal I met whose beauty stunned me and she had a charming personality that won me over–completely.

She said, "I'm almost 15 going on 16."

Sylvia said, “I’m almost 15 going on 16.”

It was the smile and those words that convinced me that I wanted to know her better.  For the next week, I couldn’t get Cynthia off my mind.  Then I found out her name was really Sylvia.  That’s an important thing to remember.

September 9, 1961

September 9, 1961

There is nothing more beautiful than a bride on her wedding day.  Have you ever noticed that?  It took me decades to come to the realization that the reason is an overflowing joy that comes from love.

Twenty-five years later

Twenty-five years later

I thought she was a beauty in her teens.  That beauty was still in the bud.  It blossomed during her twenty’s and thirty’s.  Still stunning in her forty’s.

Can you believe at age 55?

Can you believe at age 55?

I think even the bride was a bit jealous of Sylvia when we participated in this Puerto Rican wedding.  (Yes, the bride was beautiful.  All brides are beautiful.)  Sylvia’s beauty just kept growing.

The hair may be a lighter shade, but beauty doesn't fade

The hair may be a lighter shade, but beauty doesn’t fade

An ancient king (Lemuel) wrote of the virtuous woman (Proverbs 31).

Who can find a virtuous and capable wife?
    She is more precious than rubies.
Her husband can trust her,
    and she will greatly enrich his life.

He must have known someone like Sylvia.  Today we celebrate our 53rd wedding anniversary.

We talked about renewing the agreement at 50 years, but decided that our agreement was “until death do us part.”  That’s good enough for this earthly existence.

Happy anniversary my love, my life.


For Vee

Vee, of Very Verla ♫ joie de vivre, lamented in a comment on Vanilla’s post that while she loved hollyhocks, she rarely saw them growing in people’s yards these days.  I replied that ours were no longer blooming or I would post a pic for her.  Sorry, Vee.  I was wrong.

Hidden from view from my office window I found these:

Well sheltered, these blossoms still persist

Well sheltered, these blossoms still persist

Sylvia planted two or three, but they are quickly taking over the area.  That’s okay we like these beauties.

Vee, did you ever make dolls from the blossoms?

Vee, did you ever make dolls from the blossoms?

Beauty surrounds us if we will but open our eyes to see.

What Would You Do?

The new TV has supports that are 36″ apart.  The stand is 26″ wide.  So the purchasing agent went to the home improvement store and bought a 6″ lazy Susan and a finished shelf.  Then she put me to work.

The lazy Susan is securely fastened to the stand.

The lazy Susan is securely fastened to the stand.

It’s not quite as easy as it looks, but not very difficult either.

The completed project is "shelved."

The completed project is “shelved.”

Set to go.  I finished our anniversary gift to each other on my birthday.