For 19 years, Sylvia and I lived just a few minutes drive from Storrs, home of the University of Connecticut.  During that time the sports department hired Geno Auriemma as head coach of women’s basketball.  And a legend began.

In 1995, we were aware that the UConn women were in the NCAA final four.  Sylvia and I walked into a small restaurant about 20 miles from our home.  We were looking for a good place to eat, and this was a scouting trip.  Oh yes it was.

We were seated opposite each other in a booth.  At one end of the room someone had setup a TV set.  The championship game was just starting.  Soon Sylvia and I were seated on the same side of the booth so we could both watch the action.

When we left that restaurant, UConn women had won their first national championship.  Sylvia and I were UConn fans.  It wasn’t hard to follow the Huskies the next season.  Every game was televised, either nationally or state-wide on Public TV.

Last night UConn finished a perfect (40-0) season and the women lifted the university’s ninth national championship in women’s basketball trophy.  Wow!

Photo courtesy of ESPN

And so it came about that I watched my first basketball game of the season, which was also the last game of the season.  It also reminded me of why I had been such an avid fan when we lived in Connecticut.

Photo courtesy Hartford Courant

Yesterday was a great day.  Yes, UConn won, but the best part of yesterday is that our younger son, Scott, celebrated another birthday.

The sun is shining and the weather is good.  Ah yes, life is good!

Nellie’s Tower

My friend, Bob, posted a photo of his three cats napping on a (for lack of a better description) kitty tower.  I liked the looks of it and inquired about details in an e-mail to him.  His response included a link to the online store where he had purchased his tower.

I followed the link, checked out the options and placed an order.  It arrived on Tuesday just before lunch time.  The bulky 59-pound package was not something I could easily carry, so I rolled it over obstacles and pushed it across the floors.

Soon, I had the parts laid out and had begun assembly.  It went together easily.  For now, I’ve left off the highest level.  The photo shows why.

Assembled and in place

The big question would this appeal to Nellie as much as it did to me.  It didn’t take long to discover the answer.

“I like it.”

Then she discovered her favorite part of her tower.  From there she can watch me in my recliner, and she can see what’s happening in her kitchen.  (That’s where her food bowl is, and a gal must keep an eye on that.  Right?

Queen of all she surveys

Life is good.

We Interrupt . . .

How long has it been since you’ve heard the words, “We interrupt this program to . . . ?”  Perhaps I date myself by even asking the question.

On a recent afternoon, I had finished several chores and settled in front of the TV for some “down time.”  I tried watching something (I don’t remember what it was), but a drama began to unroll on the police scanner that resides beside my recliner.

Soon the TV was turned off as my attention was devoted to two or three officers plus the canine unit as they tracked down a fugitive.  They would spot their target as he fled through swamps and fence rows.  However, they would soon lose sight of the bad boy.

Then, the canine handler reported that the dog was on the scent.  It still took another 10 or 15 minutes to apprehend the fugitive.  But eventually the canine unit reported his capture.  I hear such things frequently, but never, well almost never, hear how they end.

Today it was a reckless driver on the Interstate.  A motorist had called 911 to report the driver and was on the line with central dispatch.  (That phone call does not go out on the radio–only the discussion between the dispatcher and the officers.)  As I listened, an officer was closing the distance to the suspect.  Dispatch reported that the vehicles registered owner had a couple of DUI convictions.  The caller reported that the vehicle had taken an exit, and turned north at the end of the ramp.  The patrolling officer was soon at the exit and turned north.  He soon reported, “I see it headed west and it’s all over the road.”

It doesn’t take much imagination to figure what probably happened next.  We’ll never know.  That doesn’t get reported over the 2-way.

A new door

The big barn door that we use the most, has been a problem.  Frost, ice, drifted snow can make it very difficult to slide the door open.  I’ve wanted to do something about it.  And finally did.

Stage one complete

The contractor lives on our road, but on the other side of the Interstate (no bridge on our secondary, dirt road).  He had to frame in a new doorway–the original doorway was too wide for a standard size door.

Stage two — Finishing touches

The final step was to install new steel on the wall and trim around the door.  The new overhead door works like a dream.  And it looks good too. :cool:

Job completed.

Perhaps, if I save $$ for a few more years, I can replace the other door.  Maybe even install an opener.  Nah!  No need for those frills.

Sure Sign of Spring

After a long, hard, cold, snow-filled winter the neighborhood buzz is about spring.  Our friends are sharing reports of sighting robins and red-winged black birds and we’ve seen killdeer.  However it was Sunday, when I saw the first sure sign of spring.

We had gone out for lunch and were surprised that the restaurant had live music.  We sat next to the guitar-playing singer.  She was good!  Later she sat the guitar down and went to work at the keyboard.  Wow!  What an eclectic mix of classic hymns, show tunes and pop music kept coming our way carried on a rich and powerful voice.

Just before we left, she asked Sylvia and I what kind of music we liked.  We answered, “Country.”  She sang a couple of Patsy Cline songs.  Afterward I told her I was wrong.  “How’s that?” she wanted to know.  I replied, “I thought no one could sing those songs better than Patsy Cline.”

The singer turned to Sylvia and said that she knew her from somewhere.  Sylvia asked if she was the daughter of Bob and Rosemary.  She replied in the affirmative.  Then Sylvia told her that we live right across the road from them.  “Wow,” she said, “You’re the one that brings over the yummy fudge and other goodies at Christmas time, aren’t you.”  Sylvia is the one and told her so.

We were driving home feeling good after the nice meal (fish), the music and the chat.  I looked into the sky and saw that first sure sign of spring.

The buzzard of paradise

Yes, I was seeing a turkey buzzard.  Okay.  Spring is now officially here.  What marks the sure sign of spring for you?

Eagle in Flight

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Fairytale Creature

This morning, I was catching up with my Facebook friends when I came across a post to which a friend had replied.  It asked the question, “What fairytale creature are you.”  My friend said, “A dwarf, and my name is Grumpy.”  Must not be a morning person.

I’m not a morning person either, but I had to find another answer.  (At this point I’m reminded of standing in the outfield watching the baseball coming my way.  It grew larger and larger.  What was going on?  And then it hit me.)  Then it hit me.  I’m from Michigan’s lower peninsula.  Therefore, I’m a troll.

Do they get good wi-fi under the bridge?

They call us “trolls,” because we live under (south of) the bridge.  I remember the days before the bridge, when we took a ferry to cross between Mackinaw City and St Ignace.

A few had posted versions of “It’s a great winter we’re having this spring.”  That seemed very appropriate to me.  I woke this morning to a snow white world. Even now, snow is falling from the sky.

Excuse me.  I’m going to crawl under my bridge.


I’m here in the office only briefly today.  I’ve got a job to do.

It started a few weeks ago when I felt “let down” after hearing a loud bang from the seat of the recliner in which I was sitting.  It was a broken spring.  :badmood:   Twice I tried a temporary repair.  Both attempts failed.

I found a replacement spring online.  I now have it.  I’ve also removed the old one.

Wish me luck.

A Friend Joins the Blogosphere

Jeanna has been blogging for a while now.  She is new to the game and could use some encouragement. You’ll find her posts are succinct and thought provoking. :think:

Please consider visiting her blog, called Struggling.  Leave a comment and, if you would, tell her that I sent you.  You can learn a bit more about Jeanna on her “About” page.

My neighbor called

Saturday morning Sylvia had left for a series of meetings that would fill her day with activity and travel.  The phone rang.  I picked it up and heard my neighbor’s voice.  He asked, “Does your camera have a zoom lens.”  “Yes,” I replied.  He continued, “There are two bald eagles feeding on a dead raccoon behind my house.”  I thanked him, took a quick look out the window to confirm the sighting and then went for the camera.

By the time I retrieved the camera, one of the eagles had left.  Only one remained.

Gloomy Saturday morning

I wasn’t too happy with the photographic results, but it was good to see the eagles again.  Then on Monday, when the skies were clear and we had good natural light, I looked out to spot an eagle that had come back and was feasting on the dead raccoon.

Frozen raccoon for lunch, says the eagle

For the last several years, we have seen the eagles a few times each year.  Usually only one at a time.

I keep looking for the golden eagle that has been around during the winters, but that is a very elusive bird and seems to be less comfortable around people.

Personal Note

I’ve not posted much lately.  There have been a number of excuses reasons for that.  I’d like to post more regularly, but can’t make any promises.

Our granddaughter has returned from a two-week study abroad program in Ghana (West Africa).  We followed her activities mostly on Facebook.  Sylvia and I are so very very proud of her.


Dreaming about what?

It was such a picture of peaceful rest.  Then the photographer decided to give it a dream-state quality.

I dreamed last night.  I was in this huge cattle barn, and I was searching for a way out.  I saw light ahead coming from around a corner to my left.  As I stepped around the corner, I saw a huger tiger walking directly toward me.  A voice said, “Don’t worry about her.”  I wasn’t and I didn’t.  As she passed, she rubbed against me with a purr, as cats will oft times do.  The voice continued, “She’s a vegan.”

Say what?  I wonder what that could possibly mean.  Any ideas?

I’m still in the process of bringing the new computer online.  I made some excellent progress over the weekend.