Happy Fourth

These are in blossom now and remind me of fireworks.  I love the colors and the shape of these beauties.

Day lily bursts forth in beauty

Day lily bursts forth in beauty

Thanks to yesterday’s rain, I’ll be celebrating the day while mowing the lawn.  I enjoy that time outside doing something and watching the world around me.

Yesterday I drove into the village to get diesel fuel for the tractor.  The tire store had an interesting saying on it’s changeable text sign.  it read:

Don’t drink a fifth on the fourth

Or you won’t go forth on the fifth.

Good advice.  Now, it’s time for me to fill up the water bottle and go to work.  Enjoy your day.

Walking the Grounds

This post has nothing to do with coffee.  Okay, I’m drinking a cup of coffee, which I’ve “dosed” with some hot chocolate mix.  My morning after lunch mocha.  Aahhh!

Thursday, after supper, Sylvia announced that she was going out to “take a look at the garden.”  I replied that I was thinking about doing that too.  So after the table was cleared and the dishes taken care of, we set out together to look at the garden.  Looks like we’re in for another good year if this trend holds.

Next stop was the mailbox.  And so we made the hike to retrieve what ever Sally (our mailperson) had delivered.  On the way, Sylvia said it looks like cherries on the cherry tree.  I agreed.

With mail in hand we headed to the cherry tree, where we saw this:

Sour cherries, but where are the birds?

Sour cherries, but where are the birds?

This is only the second year in the fourteen years that we have lived that we’ve seen cherries on the tree.  Most years we only see those that fell to the ground and pits that the birds hadn’t swallowed or carried away.  They were okay to eat, but not worth getting excited about.  I’d say that they are better to see with the eye than to taste with the tongue.  Some things are like that.

I Had It All Wrong!

I did have it all wrong–probably like most of you.  I held the conventional belief that women were like cats and men were like dogs.  That was until I stumbled upon this clip on my way to this blog.  Check it out.

What do you think?  Did Jodi get it right?

Queen of Her Tower

Nellie loves her tower

Nellie loves her tower

As you can tell by the outside view, this was taken a few months ago.  I’ve been occupied with other things that didn’t involve typing on this keyboard.  Nellie spends time each day on her tower.  She likes to nap high, middle and low.  Well, what did you expect?  She’s a cat.  Of course she’s going to nap.

Always on the alert

Always on the alert

Of course cats are always curious.  About everything.

I think I’ll take a lesson from my cat.  I’m going to go take a nap.  See you later.

Wee Ones

Lately, we’ve been watching the twins and mom as they graze on the grass.

Sorry about the flare

Sorry about the flare

I forgot to get the camera lens against the window I was shooting through.  It was morning and the family was having breakfast.  I wanted to open the door and step onto the deck to capture this image, but there would be no critters if I’d done that.

Perhaps you’ll like this one better.

Mom and one of the twins look for better grass

Mom and one of the twins look for better grass

The youngsters are bursting with energy.  We often see them racing around the yard like the young ones frequently do.



A rose by any other name


Would still have thorns and try to prick you


But it would also be as beautiful and smell as sweet.

Unfortunately, our Joseph’s Coat rose died over the hard winter we just experienced.  There, however, remain strong and healthy.

Project Complete

The mud room connects our house and garage.  It was supported by several cedar posts in the ground.  The room had been slowly sinking, and after much thought we contacted a friend that does that kind of work.  We devised a plan and he got started with it.

Footings dug below frost line and poured

Footings dug below frost line and poured

By the end of the summer, the mud room was supported by a block foundation wall.  This year we hired a contractor to complete the job.

Preliminary work done final phase about to begin

Preliminary work done final phase about to begin

They replaced the bottom strip of siding and then covered below the siding with steel.

The final project except for planting grass and a few geraniums along the foundation wall

The final project except for planting grass and a few geraniums along the foundation wall

The steel extends well below the surface.  The theory is that it will discourage burrowing critters from trying to set up residence beneath the garage.  That brown powder on top of the dirt in the inside corner (center photo) is Critter Ridder, which should also help keep the pests away.

Focus now turns to the mud room interior.  We plan to paint, put linoleum squares on the floor and install mop board.

Father’s Day — Celebrated

On Sunday we had our friend Roy join us for dinner and conversation.  Roy is retired after 22 years with the US Air Force.  After that he worked for Motorola in the Phoenix area.  Several years ago, they moved back to Michigan.

Roy’s wife, daughter and a granddaughter have been traveling.  They went to visit the granddaughter’s sister who is completing a semester of study in England.  Then the four went on to the continent for some more experiences.  They’ve returned to Atlanta, then on to Phoenix for a family visit.  Then off to visit the daughter’s new home in California.  Roy’s wife returns on Saturday.

We had a fun afternoon at the table and in the easy chairs.  Sylvia even made us rhubarb pie to top off the celebration!  YEA!

That evening we talked with son, Scott on the phone for a couple of hours.  It was a great day.

Today, it was work around the house.  Workmen finished a project on the garage and mud room.  (More on that in another post.)

This evening, we met son, Bryant and his wife Barbara and drove into downtown Grand Rapids.  We ate at San Chez a Tapas Bistro.  I love authentic Spanish cuisine, and that’s what we had.  Magnificent.  The place is very nice.

They made the evening super special for Sylvia and me.  I’d be please to pay a return visit.  I think you’d like it too.

Thanks Bryant and Barbara, we love you and are so very proud of you both.

It Was a First

Until this morning I had never seen a red-winged blackbird nest.  I knew where they nested.  It’s hard to miss that.  But I had never actually seen a nest.

On Saturday I had trimmed some trees and tossed the trimmings into the trailer.  I didn’t take them down to the brush pile.  The neighbor had cut the area, which I had to cross and I didn’t want to drive across the hay.  He baled it later that day.

This morning I took the brush to the brush pile.  As I was leaving I looked beside the trampled grass and saw a small willow tree and in it a nest.

Red-winged black bird nest surrounded by tall grass

Red-winged black bird nest surrounded by tall grass

Can you see it in the middle of the shot?  I returned with the camera and watched the mother fly up to the power line where she gave me the stink eye.

Three eggs in the nest.

Three eggs in the nest.

I wasted no time getting a shot of the nest contents–three large eggs.  Then I beat a hasty retreat to leave mother to her duties.

Thinking of Briana

Internship - Day One

Internship – Day One

I’m thinking of our granddaughter today.  This is day two of her summer internship.  Only six months to graduation and the BSN degree.

We’re button-popping proud of our gal.  She looks like a twelve-hour shift takes its toll.

I’m just glad I don’t have to do that.