Saturday Song ~ Beethoven 5th and more

Another change of pace this weekend. It’s time for some classical music and some classical humor.

Some of you may remember the 50s and live television. Sid Caesar was one of the giants of that era. Imagine working live in front of the cameras with no cue cards and no teleprompters. It took a lot of talent to make that work.

In this segment, Sid Caesar and Nanette Fabray play a married couple in a argument with pantomimed action and dialogue. All of this to the accompaniament of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Who came up with the idea for this classic sketch? I don’t know.

Saturday ~ Yours For A Song

My musical tastes are eclectic. I enjoy a wide variety of music; classical, old-time hymns, modern worship songs, 50s rock, latin and even heavy metal (in small doses when I’m in the mood). I usually listen to country music in one of its many forms.

I don’t rank my favorite artists. However, Alison Krauss and her band, Union Station, would be very high on that list if I did. Take a few moments, relax and listen to Alison and the guys.

I hope you like it too.