Independence Day

On this day we celebrate our founding fathers’ Declaration of Independence in 1776.  That document did not secure liberty.  That had to be bought in blood through “liberating strife.”  My fifth great grandfather (5 greats), John Hutchinson paid part of that price at Valley Forge as he served under General Washington.

Perhaps that’s why I like this version of America the Beautiful

Enjoy the day and think about what it means.

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6 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. I just recently found out I have ancestors living in this country back then. At least one was the right age to fight in the war. I’m not sure if any were actually involved though. It was just interesting knowing they were here at the time.

    • DNA testing revealed a lot of info and follow-up through ancestry and rootsweb helped fill-out the picture.

  2. Not much rowdiness around here; good time for contemplation on how our liberties were won and are maintained.

    • No rowdiness here, either. I’ve been watching documentaries on the refolution on AHC. Some interesting stories of unsung heroes.

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