Saturday Song ~ Piano Duo

Just for fun . . . Fran & Marlo Cowan (married 62 years) playing impromptu recital together in the atrium of the Mayo Clinic. He turned 90 in February.

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I am retired after a career in electronics and in publishing. Today, my wife of 50+ years, Sylvia, and I live in a house on a hill beside a dirt road in rural west Michigan. We enjoy living in this country environment where livestock and wild life out number the human population.

7 thoughts on “Saturday Song ~ Piano Duo

  1. I really like that! Too bad people judge your age by the look of your skin!

  2. Awwwwww.. that's just so sweeet. i watched this twice and both times, it just made me smile!!!!thks!!


  3. This is beautiful. It seemed that while they were playing, they were transformed to kids again; the cheerfulness and playfulness. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this.

  4. No wonder they have been married 62 years….what joy, what fun…. and the love…well that is quite evident!

  5. That was GREAT! It totally cracked me up this morning. I thought it was a hoot even before the butt slap!! 🙂 I wonder if Joe want's to learn to play piano with me?? Hmmm….

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