Why I Couldn’t Sleep ~ Part 1

Sunday evening, our church held a special worship service.  Once a month we set aside our usual schedule and have an evening of mostly praise music.  Lately praise-team members have taken 5 to 10 minutes to share their personal faith journeys.  Last Sunday was different.

You would have noticed that something was different when you drove into the parking lot.  There were only a few vehicles sitting out in the cold.  Inside the 6-member praise team and their 5 families outnumbered the rest of us.  A singing group’s concert had drawn several to a nearby community.  Four additional families sat in the congregation.  It would be an intimate group.

The live music was great!  Guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and singers were our guides.  And then the time came for a team member to share.  That member asked questions, such as:  Have you ever felt betrayed?  Then followed a story of a pastor who left the church and took most of the congregation with him to form another.  Next came a pastor who lost his faith and left the church — not to go to another but left it in his past.

Then came the big question:  What does it look like to be a Christian?

I expected to hear some trite answers.  I did not.  A different spirit was at work within the quiet intimacy of that setting.  Most of the adults shared from their hearts their experience and observations.  Ten minutes turned into 50 and no one seemed to notice.

The praise group led us in a couple of songs and then we went home.  Night over, right?  Wrong!

Come back tomorrow for the rest of the story.

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