Thoughts from My Notebook

I keep a pocket-sized notebook handy.  It’s nice to have something to “capture” my thoughts for later review.  Some of my younger friends use a small tablet computer for that, but my arthritic hands prefer pen and paper.

I need to convert my notebook into a sleep log for the next month.  For that reason, I began to remove spiral-bound pages.  Most had no further value, but some are “keepers.”  Here are three fragments that I’ve woven into a single [not completely coherent] story about day morphing into night.


Twilight gently nudges the weakening sun over the horizon. Night slides in on velvety slippers as the sun flees its appearance.  Night nibbles away the failing light.  Creatures of the day find rest as denizens of darkness become active.  A cloud-draped sky conceals distant light from a realm far beyond our skies.

As the chill of night dispels clouds, a panoply of starry hosts spangles the firmament.  Later, a waning gibbous moon rises, lighting the earth and making the stars seem dim.  Now is the time for folks like me, and perhaps you, to go to bed.  Pleasant dreams, my friend.