Monday Rewind

Why do I review old posts?   I want to remember what was on my mind a couple of years ago.  How about three or even five years?  This is from about five years ago.  The question was, “What does it look like to be a Christian?


The Question

I stood the midnight watch atop the rampart
Sleep who wrapped me in her arms had fled
And loving mercy withheld slumber

The year was not yet three weeks old
In the frosty silence above the sleeping world
The hunter made his nightly circuit of the sky

The gibbous moon veiled the scene in ghostly light
And that weak light diminished the stars’ shine
Though its glory is but a poor reflection of the greater

A friend had shared from sincere heart
The thought with which he wrestled
The burning question in his mind

What does it look like to be a Christian
How do you know, how can you spot
That which is real from what is not

As I pondered on the thought and on my friend
My thoughts were bent toward persistent grace
And along side is untiring love

The fruit is borne on the inside
Outwardly, the form and fashion vary
Each of us a Work in Progress

What would your answer have been?

The original post went up in January 2011, part one and part two.

Beautiful Day

I’ll admit that I loved Mr Rodgers’ theme song, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.”  It is catchy and that’s the way I feel [almost] every day.


Light snow over night left the road and driveways white.  What a beautiful sight!

Snow has continued and now only a bit of green is peeking through.  At this rate the world will soon be white.  What would you expect for February?

Sylvia and I, along with others are glad to see the report that Vanilla has moved to a rehab facility in his home town.  That should make life easier for his wife, JoAnn.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Fun With Friends

I’m feeling a little bit sad this morning.  Our friend, Vanilla, went back to the ICU yesterday.  We continue to pray for him and his lovely wife as he recovers from his recent surgery.  Also Sharkey will wrap her visit and head back home after lunch.

We’ve had a lot of fun, laughs and serious discussion.  Last night was our big music fest.  Sharkey with her accordion and Sylvia with her guitar.


I don’t think you’ll find any of our music on a top-40 list from recent decades.  That doesn’t matter.  We love it and that’s good enough reason to play and enjoy it.

Looks like the rain forecast for this afternoon will come to pass.

To Each His/Her Own

Last evening was open forum discussion night.
Bed time came too soon.

After breakfast this morning, I had to rush off to the dentist’s office.  I must be transforming into royalty, because they put another gold crown on in my head.

When I returned home, Sharkey was on her laptop computer writing for her newspaper column.  Sylvia was reading on her Nook.  Not to be left out, I came into the office and started surfing with my desktop computer.  We may not have smart phones, but we can get entangled with our electronic devices.

The gals have gone on a walk.  It’s a beautiful day for doing anything outdoors.  I even feel sorry for our neighbors who are stuck in Florida.  I’m sure we’ll arrange an appropriate Michigan-winter welcome home for them.  You may know that means icy winds and knee-deep snow, but not today.

If you read this Vanilla, we wish you were here and not there recovering from heart surgery.  You are present in our thoughts and prayers.  Special thanks to your BBBH (wife), who has been keeping us informed of your progress.

Welcome Visitor

On Saturday, our friend, Sharkey, arrived for a visit with us.  We always look forward to her visits, because we know we’ll have fun, serious conversation, games, lots of laughs and probably some music.


Today, after church, we came home and had Swiss steak that Sylvia had cooked in the slow cooker.  Lemon pie (See My Quality Day) topped off the meal.

Later, we played word games.  The last I saw of them, Sharkey and Sylvia were playing another word game.  Best of all . . . there is more to come.

Their game must be over.  I hear them singing.  Got to go . . .

A Fanciful Tale

Two weeks ago, I was sitting in the dentist’s waiting room.  There, I found myself once again looking at a framed picture on the wall.  It shows a split-rail fence with iris and larkspur growing beside it.  On the end of the second rail down, an American gold finch sits eyeing the world around him.  I’ve always enjoyed that scene.

As I sat there, my thoughts strayed.  I began to put myself into the picture.  As I did, appearances began to change . . .


In my mind I was walking along a little-used trail.  At the edge of a meadow, a large rock beneath an oak tree provided a seat to rest my feet as I drank some water.

It was one of those Michigan-perfect days.  Blue skies and a warm gentle breeze set the scene.  Behind me, I could hear a woodpecker at work.  Near my feet, ants went about their urgent business.  How relaxing.

Then, I heard a flutter of wings as a finch found shelter on the near end of the second rail down of the fence.  There she sat not moving, nearly hidden in the shadow.  All was quiet.

I looked up and saw the kestrel as he flew over, his sharp eyes searching for the next meal.  After a short while noises began to return, and the finch flew off on her way.

That’s when they called my name and I stepped out of the dream and back into reality.

Who Was That?

When I went out to check the track in yesterday’s post, I also saw interesting tracks in the snow beneath the suet feeder.  Can anyone help me identify these?  Sharkey?


At this point, I picked up the camera, prepared myself and went back out to the scene.  I found some fresh tracks where the snow was not as deep.


As you can see, they are paw prints — just at tiny bit wider than my thumb.  Looks too big for a mouse, and it looks like un-mouse-like pads on the paws.

Lunch call.  Gotta go.

Fooled Me

I looked out the window to see how much, if any, suet remained in the feeder that neighbors, Curt and Meghan gave us at Christmas time.  It is nearly gone.

Then I looked at the tracks on the ground.  Whoa!  I did a double take.  Is that a deer track?  From my vantage point it looked like it could be.  I retrieved the camera from the office, donned coat, hat, gloves and headed out the door.

I scanned the ground for more evidence as I approached the print in question.  It is large.  I laid my glove beside it and got this pic.


It was not made by a white tail.  A cotton tail is responsible for this one.  Oh well.

At least I got some fresh air and a frosty nose.  Also took care of a couple of other little matters.  Maybe next time . . .

Found Online


The following is taken from a post by Ionia County Central Dispatch:

Schools are CLOSED for Tuesday, January 19th, 2016 due to secondary road conditions.

Roads today are icy and treacherous.  However, by 11 AM temp had risen to 15 F.

A good day curl up in the recliner and read.