Snowy Sunday

I told myself that I would not capture an image of the first significant snowfall of this season.  Sunday afternoon the snow began.  It became more intense.  I tried to ignore the white blanket.

In the evening, I turned on the Christmas lights and made the mistake of looking out the window.  Camera in hand, I opened the front door and captured this image.


It was so beautiful . . . until the lights went out.

Fortunately, the emergency generator took over, but I turned off the extra lights.  About six or seven hours later, commercial power was restored.

In the dark, a neighbor reports taking a tumble but is going to survive.  She was glad when the lights came back on a short while later.

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I am retired after a career in electronics and in publishing. Today, my wife of 50+ years, Sylvia, and I live in a house on a hill beside a dirt road in rural west Michigan. We enjoy living in this country environment where livestock and wild life out number the human population.

12 thoughts on “Snowy Sunday

    • That’s right, Ratty. It is very difficult to ignore a scene like that. It’s like there’s some kind of magic at work there.

  1. Oooh, so pretty!

    Our snow on Sunday was very wet and heavy. I’m guessing that from your story of losing power, it was the same. BUT…it looked like a Winter Wonderland!!

    Glad you have the generator, that your friend will be alright, and we all survived the first snow of the season.

    • Yes, it was wet and very heavy. The power company needs to be more aggressive in their tree trimming activities. Before the generator, we spent two days with friends who live two and a half miles away, but are on a different power company.

  2. Really nice snow picture. We knew that it had started to snow a little in the evening, but when we lifted the blinds the next morning , we enjoyed the snowy surprise of everything being covered with about an inch of snow !!

    • By the time I rose on Monday morning, the snow was begging to melt. Snow like that is enjoyable . . . unless you have to drive somewhere.

  3. Nifty picture without any photoshopping! I think the generator is a great plan. We don’t lose power very often, thankfully. Some good things about living on a main road.

    • I’m tempted to tweak the pic, but it’s okay as-is. The generator has been a good investment for us. I like the automatic start, stop and changeover features.

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