What’s That?

A rare event occurred this morning.  I was up and out of bed before 7:30 AM.  Sylvia was still sleeping.  I quietly came into the office and looked out the window.  Something was happening behind the barn.


I could see an unusual light in the field beyond.  What could it be?


Whatever it was, it was happening behind the south end of the barn.  Not only the field beyond, but the sky had taken on an unusual glow.


Silly old me.  It was sunrise, which is something I haven’t seen in some time.

With help from Sylvia, I’m moving my schedule ahead.  The goal is to be “early to bed and early to rise.”  I’m already feeling better.  I’ll not concern myself with other benefits.


Sincere thanks to those who have served, protected and defended our nation in uniform.  I was going to post a pic of my younger son in uniform.  Unfortunately in 22 years of service we have very few photos.  So here’s a salute to his paternal grandfather, my dad.

LeRoy in Uniform



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