What a Difference a Week Makes

This is the scene a week ago looking east out of my office window.


Bright sunshine (that means very cold) and friend, Al, has cleared our driveway.

Seven days later.  The weather has warmed and rain has changed the view.


It’s mid-afternoon and there is still fog over the field behind our barn.  Rain forecast for the rest of today and all of tomorrow.

Personal Notes

On the follow-up visit to the podiatrist after surgery.  He removed the original dressings around the foot.  Then he wrapped it up in a soft cast, which was topped off with a colorful (and tight) wrap.


The tight cast and wrap did their job of reducing swelling in the foot and lower leg.  Last week, the doctor removed the cast and its colorful adornment.  He smiled when he saw my foot and said, “You’re healing like a teenager.”  Sure made me feel good–and I agreed things are going better than I had hoped.

Another month, and he’ll remove the two wires that skewer my big toe and keep it connected to the foot.

Recent Events

Sylvia said, “I see a couple of deer.”  I looked out the window and saw one.  Then two, which were followed four, seven and more coming.  When I counted nine, I went for the camera.  Then there were ten.

I used a spring operated clothes pin to lift one of the slats on the blinds.  I raised the camera only to find it was off.  I turned it off and back on.  Dead.  Battery flat.

I put the battery in its charger and hoped for the best.  Then there were twelve–some reclined on the ground others grazing on the lawn.

Maybe I had enough charge in the battery for one shot.  I did not.

Then they left.  First one, then three followed quickly by the rest.

Surgery Successful

Not really my surgeon.

Not really my surgeon.

Friday afternoon, I went in for a bunionectomy on my left foot.  Fortunately, that went well, and I’m at home recovering and watching too much TV.  I’m also trying to listen to an audio book.  I say “trying,” because I keep falling asleep.  That’s okay.  If the body needs sleep, then let it sleep.

There are two wires coming out of the big toe.  These will be removed in about a month, and there will be no hardware left behind.  Color me delighted!

First follow-up appointment this afternoon.