Recent Events

Sylvia said, “I see a couple of deer.”  I looked out the window and saw one.  Then two, which were followed four, seven and more coming.  When I counted nine, I went for the camera.  Then there were ten.

I used a spring operated clothes pin to lift one of the slats on the blinds.  I raised the camera only to find it was off.  I turned it off and back on.  Dead.  Battery flat.

I put the battery in its charger and hoped for the best.  Then there were twelve–some reclined on the ground others grazing on the lawn.

Maybe I had enough charge in the battery for one shot.  I did not.

Then they left.  First one, then three followed quickly by the rest.

Surgery Successful

Not really my surgeon.

Not really my surgeon.

Friday afternoon, I went in for a bunionectomy on my left foot.  Fortunately, that went well, and I’m at home recovering and watching too much TV.  I’m also trying to listen to an audio book.  I say “trying,” because I keep falling asleep.  That’s okay.  If the body needs sleep, then let it sleep.

There are two wires coming out of the big toe.  These will be removed in about a month, and there will be no hardware left behind.  Color me delighted!

First follow-up appointment this afternoon.