Eight Years and Counting

Today is the eight-year blogaversary of Secondary Roads.  Out of curiosity, I looked for the first post.  It is no longer in the archive.  Out of good taste, I suspect the author deleted it.

sorryBy custom, I’d post an image with a number 8 to mark this occasion, but I think the above image above provides the better message.  Otherwise you might see something like this:


Somehow this image seems out of place in this space.  Secondary Roads is about living a plain and simple life.  Shortly after Christmas, I found this in a daily devotional guide: “It was a simple [story] from an old friend living a simple life, reminding me that simple isn’t naive or stupid; it’s direct and unpretentious.”

Sounds like a good way to live.  Hey look!  A squirrel.

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I am retired after a career in electronics and in publishing. Today, my wife of 50+ years, Sylvia, and I live in a house on a hill beside a dirt road in rural west Michigan. We enjoy living in this country environment where livestock and wild life out number the human population.

6 thoughts on “Eight Years and Counting

  1. I think that doing 8 years of blogging is a great record, especially when so well done!!!

    • While the sign does not come out of our American culture, I find myself able to strongly identify with the thought. When I first read that quote, I felt that it summarized the essence of this blog as I intend it to be.

  2. Congratulations on eight years of blogging. Your site is beautifully designed and I enjoy reading your entries. Now on to eight more.

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