On the Track at Michigan

In advance of Sunday’s NASCAR race at Michigan International Speedway, my favorite driver had something to share with the fans.


Brad Keselowski, driver of the no. 2 car for Team Penski, took NBC pit reporter, Kelli Stavast, for a spin in a replica 1901 Ford Sweepstakes.  The two were in period costume.  That must have been quite the experience to zip around the big track at 45 mph.  My good friend and neighbor, Jerry, was at the track I’m looking forward to hearing his report on the Sweepstakes.

It was a Sweepstakes that Henry Ford drove in his first race at a horse track in Grosse Point, Michigan in October 1901.  Ford’s first company failed, but after he won that race investors came on board.

For my part, I prefer my 20-year-old Dodge Intrepid.  Handles better and has improved comfort and safety features.

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8 thoughts on “On the Track at Michigan

  1. A good friend of mine had a Dodge Dart for YEARS. She loved that thing. It finally gave out on her, but it gave her a lot of good years. 🙂

    • Big difference in today’s engineering and materials. With 120,000 miles on mine, looks like time to get a third set of Goodyear Eagles.

  2. Ford Autos are rather special to me because through out my 35 years of teaching, it was a new Ford about every 3 years or so . One reason being that my husband was making perfect little metal parts for the engines in his small machine shop!!! My favorite model was my 1964 Mustang. Hated to part with it.
    Would you believe that I’m driving a Chevy now??

    • I started with Fords, moved to Chevys and and for the last 35 years have gone with Chrysler products. So I can believe that you changed too.

  3. Love it! I would not want to drive one on a regular basis, but one spin around the track would be fun.

    • It would be fun to take on on a test drive. See comment below–it took two, a driver and a mechanic, to operate that machine.

  4. That is cool. The anachronism of juxtaposing a “1901” and occupants against a 2016 grandstand makes a fun picture.

    • Yes it is. With your interest in automobiles, you would enjoy checking it out further by doing an on-line search for “ford sweepstakes car.” Not shown in the photo is the on-board mechanic that is required to operate the vehicle. (takes two to drive this baby) When Brad and Kelli went on track the mechanic rode on the left side running board. Other online articles will fill in more details.

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