Projects in Progress and Done

Looking into the living room last week, I saw this:


The final phase of replacing windows in the house was underway.  It was a good feeling to see the guys at work.

I went back into the office to work on a website.  A bit later I returned and checked on the construction progress.


One of the crew is here today to put final touches on the project.  Once that is done, Sylvia will paint and I will install the blinds.  We’ll be ready for winter this year.


I posted earlier about the tree that came down in a recent wind storm.  The County Road Commission sent a work crew to move the tree out of the road.  They left it like this:


I made arrangements to have our lawn man cut the tree up so that we could toss it on our burn piles.  Before he came, neighbor Bob showed up with his chainsaw and started cutting.  Sylvia and I hurried out to help remove brush and stack the fire wood in a neat pile.  Before he left, Bob helped us burn the brush piles.  Recent rain did not allow the piles to burn completely.  Nevertheless, about two thirds did.  On Friday, we returned from running errands and saw that the wood was gone.  We were very happy.  The scene now looks like this:



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I am retired after a career in electronics and in publishing. Today, my wife of 50+ years, Sylvia, and I live in a house on a hill beside a dirt road in rural west Michigan. We enjoy living in this country environment where livestock and wild life out number the human population.

8 thoughts on “Projects in Progress and Done

  1. Everything looks great there. It makes me wish that I had done some windows this summer. I really wasn’t sure as to how much it would help!! I still have my thermo blinds for all windows . We got those years ago when we experimented with solor heat which didn’t work out. We took out the solor heat, but kept the blinds and they do help!! Maybe next summer!!

  2. Smallening the window opening and installing modern technology will make a difference. Been there, done that. Nice. :up:

    • Thanks for those encouraging words, Vanilla. :tiphat: The smaller windows also give us more options on what we can do along that wall.

  3. Oh, you should be warmer with less window in your living room. While that is a lovely view in summer, I’m sure it is a cold one in winter. Brrrr…

    The windows and the yard look GREAT!

    • We are hoping for warmer house in the winter. While some of the view is lost, that part consists mostly of deck and deck rails. Bottom line, we haven’t lost any useful view. Also, being that close to the floor, building code calls for tempered glass which can more than double the cost of the windows.

      The yard does look a lot better. I still have to burn the brush piles, however. My neighbor, who calls himself a “fire bug,” has volunteered to come torch them off again now that I have them cleaned up and nicely stacked.

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