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Where did I get the title for my previous post on this blog  I had hoped that some of my friends might recognize the reference to a popular song.

Okay, the year was 1927 and that was before our time.  Here’s a link to the song:

Perhaps the questions should be, “How do I know this song?”.  The answer to that goes back to 1954 (approx).  I had a strong mechanical curiosity (I wanted to know how things worked).  I also had a paper route, which meant I had a bit of money in my pocket.

On the way home one day I came across a yard sale.  For the amazing price of $2 I went home with a Victrola like this one.


What a cherrry-wood beauty it was, but that was not all.  Behind the bottom doors was a collection of 78 rpm records.  Yes, Dew, Dew, Dewy Day was one of them.

I have no recollection of what became of the Victrola or the records that came with it.  A couple of years later, I was bringing home old radios and updating them to 1950s technology.  With that came an interest in short wave radio and later Amateur Radio.  Later, thanks to my older son, my interest moved into computers.


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8 thoughts on “Source of the Title

  1. Oh, that’s a fun song! I didn’t get the reference, sadly. Sometimes I know these old songs, but I missed this one. NOW I know it, thank you!

    I like to sing songs like this and then people look at me weird and say “What the heck are you singing?!”…and then I smile and laugh. This was more fun at my old job, of course, where everyone was crabby and my over the top silliness just made them miserable. Hee hee!

    • It is a fun song, and the tune is very catchy. How else could I remember it for over 60 years?

      I like to drop quotes from old or unexpected tunes. It surprises friends at church when I quote lyrics from heavy metal tunes.

  2. I like this song. I’ve never heard this one before, but I’m a fan of very old music like this. I have a good sized collection of mp3 copies of things like this.

  3. I had never heard the song but the Victrola is beautiful. I often wonder how many of these are still around.

    • That Victrola was a beautiful piece of fine furniture. The quality is seldom matched these days. That is an interesting question. I have no idea, but I had no problem finding that image of the right model online.

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