‘Tis the Season, Pt 8


As the shepherds were at the stable, another group was preparing to make their journey to visit the young child.  These were magi from the east.  They came from the land where, nearly 600 years earlier, Daniel had been the chief of wise men.  Would they have learned prophecies and wisdom handed down from him?

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8 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season, Pt 8

  1. I think I might have shared a few years ago how the Oak Park Church in GR had a life size nativity, and the pieces changed like this throughout advent. Pretty cool, and looks like you have served as an educator (PS- very cool about your ancestor and the plow)

    • I don’t remember your account of the Oak Park nativity. I’ve been surprised by the number of folk who thought shepherds and magi were both present at the manger.

      The static scenes don’t tell a complete story, and good story telling is an art to appreciate.

  2. Thanks for this series…I’ve learned a lot.. All these years I thought that the Wise men arrived at the same time as the shepherds !! Also the information about Babylon.. Merry Christmas !!

    • In Matthew 2:9, the word that is translated “child” means toddler. Also, in verse 11 it says, “On coming to the house . . .” They were no longer in the stable.

      Merry Christmas to you and John.

  3. This is the first I’ve heard of the Wise Men coming from Babylon. Isn’t fascinating how God knits everything together!

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