Al to the Rescue

Last week we got hit with the second major winter storm in less than a week.


I needed help on this one.  So I called Al.  A couple of hours later, he showed up as he had promised.


That four-wheel drive truck will push a lot of snow.  And it did!

I’m grateful for a reliable backup at times like this.  Also grateful for good friends.

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I am retired after a career in electronics and in publishing. Today, my wife of 50+ years, Sylvia, and I live in a house on a hill beside a dirt road in rural west Michigan. We enjoy living in this country environment where livestock and wild life out number the human population.

4 thoughts on “Al to the Rescue

  1. Chiming in with our coming week of 60s and wet which is better than snow, imo. Without friends life would be quite sorry, I think.

    • You might not say that if you lived on a dirt road. I’ve come to peace with the idea of never having a clean car, but rain this time of year?

  2. Hooray!

    Boy, you sure have been getting hit lately. We keep missing it, thank goodness. It is warm here this week…60’s and rain….but the rain beats snow.

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