The Season Has Ended

Yesterday, January 6, was the 12th day of Christmas.  It is also known as Epiphany or Three Kings Day.  In this house, we observe that day, not with the giving of gifts as some do, but by making it the final day to display our Christmas decorations.

Even a look out the window left me feeling a bit sad.  Light snow on the greenery spoke of very cold weather as winter deepens.


This year has been more like living in the freezer.  At times like this, I tend to remember living in a place where palm trees grew and green plants flourished.  Ahhh.

Al to the Rescue

Last week we got hit with the second major winter storm in less than a week.


I needed help on this one.  So I called Al.  A couple of hours later, he showed up as he had promised.


That four-wheel drive truck will push a lot of snow.  And it did!

I’m grateful for a reliable backup at times like this.  Also grateful for good friends.


Snow drifts can be whimsical.

Interesting, but not really whimsical.

Interesting, but not really whimsical.

For whimsy, you must look at from a new, dare I say “negative,” point of view.

That what we were looking for!

That what we were looking for!

Shadow on snow are also interesting.  I love the way they “flow” with the landscape.

Other worldly?

Other worldly?

I darkened the tree to add to the fun.  Here’s another.


This is my favorite. Not much flat land around here.

Most of the time, life is all about how you look at it.  Would you agree?

I’m Walking

I had a number of captions for this photo:

Sylvia, mail in hand

Sylvia, mail in hand

The first was, “Walking in a Winter Wonderland.”  We’re not necessarily feeling that way after the second big snowfall in less than a week.  When we were teens, Chubby Checker hit the charts with, “I’m Walking.”

How about, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays this woman from getting her mail.”  (She already has her male.)  Yes, I think I like that one.

Do you have a better caption for this image?

This Morning

I slept through sunrise, but our neighbors (Curt and Meghan) were up and at ’em.

Their picture.  Their house.

Their picture. Their house.

Meghan posted this today.  It is so strikingly beautiful that I had to share it with you.  In our neighborhood, this day is filled with sunshine and blue skies.  I hope yours is too.


Last Thursday night, our sleep was uneasy.  Sylvia and I could hear the howling winds that buffeted our house. We took comfort in the steel roof that covers the old asphalt shingles.  (We’ve had them blown off before.)

Friday mid-afternoon while the wind continued unabated, the power went out, but was restored in a few seconds.  Then shortly before 4 PM, the power went off and stayed off.  About 20 seconds later, our emergency power generator turned on and we had electricity again.

I went online to the power company website and saw that our area had already been reported without power.  By bedtime, the website estimated that power would be restored by Sunday . . . 6 PM.

Friday night, strong winds continued to shake our house.  After the previous night, we slept better . . . if only because we were so tired.

Saturday morning, the power company website still estimated Sunday 6 PM for power restoration to our neighborhood.  Several additional areas in our vicinity were now reported as being without power.

That morning as I did a visual inventory of our property, I was looking for wind damage.  Lots of small branches littered the ground.  That’s not unusual.  It happens every winter.

Then, I saw a downed tree.  With camera in hand, I went to access damage.

The stump is a bit over six-feet high.

The stump is a bit over six-feet high.

The main trunk was mostly dead wood.  I found a better angle to document the incident.

Pity that it didn't break into "stove lengths."

Pity that it didn’t break into “stove lengths.”

Power was restored around 3 PM on Saturday.  Color us happy campers.

Next step is to contact the tree service.  Unfortunately, Mike’s phone is “temporarily out of service.”

Who Was That?

When I went out to check the track in yesterday’s post, I also saw interesting tracks in the snow beneath the suet feeder.  Can anyone help me identify these?  Sharkey?


At this point, I picked up the camera, prepared myself and went back out to the scene.  I found some fresh tracks where the snow was not as deep.


As you can see, they are paw prints — just at tiny bit wider than my thumb.  Looks too big for a mouse, and it looks like un-mouse-like pads on the paws.

Lunch call.  Gotta go.