Observing the Observer Observe

I was in the basement when I saw the monster on the patio door.  I tried some shots from inside, but they didn’t work.

With jacket and cap on and camera in hand, I walked around to the basement door.  There was the monster.  Carefully I lined up a shot and captured this image.


Later, back in the office, I realized that I had gotten into the shot.  Now we can observe the photographer as he lines up this shot of the pious insect.

I’ve thought quite a bit about this little slice of life and what it has to say to me.  I’ll not share that with you, because your experience is different.  However, you might ask yourself, “Who is observing me?  What do those watchful eyes see?”


Autumnal Joy


Beautiful fall day
Colors dance upon the trees
Perfect time of year

Helpful neighbors have made the last couple of weeks extra special for us.  It started with the gal that gave Sylvia a bushel of the best apples ever–crisp, naturally sweet, but tart and very tasty.  We made enough apple sauce for 26 pints.  Also an apple pie and some apple dumplings.  Sylvia’s benefactor had never had apple dumplings, so Sylvia took her two of them–softball size.  We still have some for eating fresh, making pie and dumplings.

I had lined up some help for this week to cut up the fallen tree that the road commission had pushed out of the way.  Last Thursday we looked up from lunch to see our neighbor at the tree with chainsaw in hand.  We quickly finished lunch and hurried out to help.  The mess is gone.

Thanks neighbors.  You prove the maxim: “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”


Yesterday on the way to church, Sylvia and I were treated to a beautiful scene.  About a half-mile north there is a bean field with woods beyond.  I found myself wishing I had brought the camera.  It was at home.

I decided to go back this morning, if the light was right.  It was!  Here’s the first shot.


It was immediately apparent that I arrived too early.  So back home to breakfast and a check of the e-mail inbox.  About an hour later, it was time to try again.


Notice the difference in light on the beans and shadows in the woods.  This is a different angle, as you can plainly see.  I like that old barn roof that provides some shelter.


This is my favorite shot of the morning.  The round bale is bean stalks.  Have you noticed the hunter’s blind just into the woods?  It’s in all the pictures.


I included this final image to illustrate two concepts.  Those being, light and contrast.  From this angle the sunlight is not at a good angle–too far to the left.  The image looks duller.  I almost gave this a miss, but I wanted to show the contrast of the yellow clay, black loam, green hay field and the autumn woods.

This is just one more reason why we love this neighborhood.  The main reason, however, is the kind of folks we have for neighbors.  They don’t come any better than these.