What’s New?

Today, I awoke to this sight:


Yesterday, my world was green.  Our biological weather station (aka my body) was announcing an upcoming significant change in the weather.  Once again, it tells the truth.

Online, the weather-radar loop showed the winter storm headed our way as I went to bed.  For that reason, it was no surprise to see all the white stuff this morning.


The rate of snow fall increased as I was getting a couple of pix.  I retreated to the comfort of a warm house.

other news

Our freezer died recently.  We were able to save most of the contents.  Friends have been storing some of their household goods in our barn.  They graciously consented to let us borrow their freezer.  Thanks Bud and Karlene.

Wednesday evening, I asked my friend, Larry, if he knew where I could borrow an appliance dolly.  He said he had one.

Thursday afternoon, Larry and Ron showed up with the appliance dolly.  In hardly any time at all, those two had shifted the freezers around for me.

Monday morning, I plan to move our church blog to the root directory of our domain.  The Website will go away as the WordPress blog takes its place.  Info from the current Website now resides on blog pages.  I’ve been doing my homework to be ready for this upcoming change.

Fairy Dust?

What do you think it is?



Fairy dust?  Saw dust?  Pollen?

Today, I stepped out the door to place an outgoing letter in the mailbox.  I had taken only a few steps when the first drops began to fall.  A little rain water never hurt anyone.  I kept walking.

I remember my mother used to collect rain water in a tub.  She wanted soft water and that’s how she got it.  She taught me that rain water is soft water.

By the time I reached the mailbox, that rain was starting to feel like hard water.  On the way back to the house, I could see the little pellets hitting the driveway ahead of me.  Snow!  No, really.  One-eighth-inch size little snow balls were hitting the ground.

As I stepped into the house, the pace picked up.  Maybe I could capture an image.  I did that.  Got two shots.

April snow upon the grass

April snow upon the grass

Like most April snows, this one didn’t last long.

Beware the Aftermath . . .

The county snow plow came by today in the early morning hours.  It is nice to live on this road now that I don’t have to get out and go to work every day.  Thirty years ago, I wrapped my working career in broadcasting.  That was a smart move!

Okay, I was an engineer and worked inside — most of the time. “The show must go on,” and someone had to be there to turn on the equipment and keep it working. Later, as a book editor, I could work from home on nasty days. It made my days safer and more productive.

Now on those nasty snow days, Midnight and I get comfy in the recliner and check our eyelids for leaks. Wake me when it’s spring. Okay?

The Blizzard of 2011

Thank goodness it’s over!  I’m sitting here at 4:45 AM as I start to write this.  I’ve been awake for the last two hours.  I’m too sore to sleep.  After lunch yesterday, the snow was starting to taper down and winds were also abating.  I decided to go outside and see if I could get some of the mess cleared away.  It took a while to clear the drive to the barn.

I’m glad I didn’t have to clear all this by hand!  A few hours later and I was working my way down the driveway.

It was slow work, and the day kept moving on.  Fortunately the snow had stopped and the winds were calm.

As you can see, it was getting on toward late afternoon.  I still had a long way to go.

That’s when I got stuck.  There was a sheet of ice between the snow and the driveway.  In other words, no traction for my tractor.  I had to dig my way free.  It took quite a while and several attempts.

Just about the time I got the tractor free my neighbor with the BIG John Deere came to the rescue.  He cleaned out the worst of the bottom of the drive.  The sun was setting as I returned up the hill to do just a bit more near the house.

Maybe the county will send a snow plow down our road later today or tomorrow.  I don’t really care.  I’m too tired and sore to care.  Besides where else would a guy like me want to be?

Snow Day

It snowed last night, covering the earth with a thin blanket of white.  This morning, as I visited my blogger buds, it started snowing–slowly at first.

Soon the intensity increased.  I tried to capture the moment with image and with verse.

Lazy snow flakes,
Hover in air.
I’m whisked away,
I have no care.

Earth like a bride,
Awaits her groom.
I see heaven,
Outside my room.

As I finish this, the snowfall has ceased.  Have you noticed how quickly the magic of a moment can fade?  Stay alert for the moments and savor them while they tarry.  Even though they be fleeting.