Sylvia and I Are Cable Cutters

The cable came from the satellite dish into our house.  (We don’t have cable TV here in the country.)  We’ve returned their equipment to DirecTV.  After adding a new a new online service, we’re saving over $100 per month.


This is not a complaint against our satellite TV service provider.  They were very good and their equipment worked fine.  Life under that system was actually easier.  However, we can handle a bit of inconvenience for $100/mo.

We use a Roku streaming device to access Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.  That same device also connects us to Sling TV, where we get the cable channels that we want for $25/mo.  For another $5/mo we have an online DVR with a 500-hour capacity.

For over-the-air (OTA) TV, we use a Magnavox DVR.  That allows us to time shift even the sub channels.  (I particularly like the Johnny Carson reruns on Ch 17.2, which I couldn’t get on DirecTV.)

Thus far, the new setup has worked very well.  Sylvia and I are happy campers.