Celebrating Nine Years of Blogging


Today is my ninth blogaversary.  For some time, I posted at least once a day.  I’d spend hours at my computer.  I don’t do that anymore.  Many of my friends from back then have vanished.  In those days, the typical blog lasted no more than three or four years (if that long).

Fortunately a few of those friends are still around and active.  I am particularly grateful to those hardy folks who are still making their presence known in the blogosphere.

Lots of cold weather here lately, and tonight I hear the wind blowing.  I’m grateful to have a warm home and a loving wife.

Frosty mornings have greeted us with scenes like this one.


Unfortunately, the camera utterly fails to capture the scene as the human eye does.  Yet, there is beauty in those silver-frosted trees.

Sylvia joins me in wishing you all the very best in 2018.