Good News Day

Tuesday just after noon, Sylvia took me to the podiatrist.  (I still am not allowed to drive.)  They took X-rays of my foot and it looks good and seems to be doing well.  I was able to trade the heavy boot for a light-weight surgical shoe.  As the doctor said, it’s not as comfortable as the boot, but it’s easier to deal with.

After that, we stopped at the steak house and had a nice lunch.  I’d call it dinner.  Grilled prime rib is not on our normal luncheon menu.  That was in celebration of our wedding anniversary, which is today.

That evening, a friend dropped in for an overnight visit.  We always look forward to seeing Sharkey.

Sharkey and Sylvia

Sharkey and Sylvia

This morning started with breakfast with Sharkey.  Then she was on her way east to be with friends.  Later we’ll travel to be with Sylvia’s family as we celebrate her dad’s 98th birthday.

Today is our special day as we celebrate another year of togetherness.


Happy anniversary my love.  I’m looking forward to many more years together with you.

Time Flies

Nearly a week has past since I last posted on this blog.  It doesn’t seem that way to me, but my eyes tell that it is so.

Groucho said, “Time flies like an arrow.  Fruit flies like a banana.”

Kermit said, “Time’s fun when you’re having flies.”

I saw this image online today.  It captures my reaction to this past week.

Hang in there, baby

Hang in there, baby

In truth, I’ve spent a lot (too much?) time sitting with my foot elevated.  I’ve watched a lot of TV and read many pages in the Dale Brown book I am currently enjoying.

Lots of good stuff to report.  The stitches are out of my foot.  I can walk without crutches, if I’m careful.  The foot is healing nicely and X-rays look good.

Sylvia took me out to celebrate my 75th birthday.  They didn’t have a Shake n’ Steak in Hastings, so we went to the Ponderosa steak house.  Grilled prime rib, Cesar salad, and ice cream for dessert.

I talked with my sons on the phone.  Last evening, Briana (our granddaughter), called to wish me happy birthday.  It was the highlight of the week.  A little over six months on the job and she’s doing well, is active on a council and recently did a presentation to hospital staff on the need for special bracelets for certain patients.  These warn of certain conditions.  Might be “use only left arm for bp readings” or the like.  The reaction was mostly, “Why aren’t we already doing this?”

Oops!  I think I just popped a couple of buttons.  Did I ever mention that I really love Briana and am very proud of her?

Home Again

Saturday, Sylvia wrapped up a week with her family at Glen Lake.  It is one of her favorite places on earth and where we spent our honeymoon.

At the end of another great day

At the end of another great day

I like the way that Sylvia used the trees to form a frame around the image of the setting sun.  As you can see, the cottage sits high above Glen Lake, but the lot extends down to the shoreline.

Cousin, Linette Crosby, took this photo from a different spot and shows how great the view is from the cottage.

Glen Lake

Glen Lake

From that lofty vantage point, you can also see a bit of Sleeping Bear Sand Dune and Lake Michigan.

I received a message from Linette this morning.  She wanted to know was anyone at the cottage on Sunday.  Were they okay?

Storms had moved through on Sunday.  She also wanted to know about any storm damage at the cottage.  We had no info on that.

Here’s what had Linette concerned: Glen Arbor Hit by Tornado.

We hope everyone and everything is okay.  The family has the cottage listed for sale.

It’s Her Birthday

Today, my favorite granddaughter celebrates her birthday.  Congrats, Briana

One, er two of my favorites

One, er two of my favorites

The little girl is now a grown woman.  Her parents are very proud of her.  Her grandparents are very proud of her too!

Studied in Ghana

Studied in Ghana

She will leave a mark on this world as she cares for her patients.

Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday, Briana.  ¡Cumpleaños feliz!

Happy Daze

It’s always a happy day when these beauties are in bloom.

Beside the barn door

Beside the barn door

This has been a busy week for me.  Top that off with the worse case of allergies that I’ve suffered in decades.  Those are my excuses for being absent from this blog.

Yesterday, I met our son and granddaughter for lunch.  It’s always a high point of the week to be with Bryant.  With Briana also present, it made for a super day.  I left the restaurant with extra pep in my step.

I’ve had several errands that I’ve been putting off for weeks.  After lunch, I had the energy to take care of all of them.  Only five stops.

At times I was experiencing heavy rain.  Fortunately, that all happened between stops.  How neat is that?

These are happy daze.


Saturday, and Sylvia was working in the flower gardens.  I was splitting my attention between the Bible study prep and a NASCAR race on TV (turned it on with the sound off).  The heating pad on my back didn’t require my attention.

I heard the back door open.  I looked up expecting to see Sylvia.  It was our son, Bryant.

“Hi,” I said, “What are you doing here?”

The answer he gave, “We were in the area and decided to drop off an early Father’s Day gift.”

I realized I had to follow him.  I did.

Stepping out of the back door, I saw . . .

Now mulched

Now mulched

Bryant and Barbara who worked so hard cleaning up this area a week earlier, had returned and put down bark mulch to control weeds.  Wow!

Doesn't it look great?

Doesn’t it look great?

That was such a huge help and I’ll think of them every time I come in or go out the door.

I love it

I love it

Thanks Bryant and Barbara.  Your gift is very much appreciated, and all the more so because you put yourselves into it.

Sylvia and I are so greatly blessed.  So this week starts well and looks even better.

Family to the Rescue

I won’t show you a “before” picture of the area along the foundation wall of our house.  It is the area we call “Granny’s Garden.”  It got that name when Briana (our granddaughter) gave Sylvia a sign to post there.  The sign said, “Granny’s Garden.”

We had the veggie garden planted and that was the next item on the TO DO list.  Our son, Bryant, and wife, Barbara, volunteered to help us on a Saturday morning.  We gratefully accepted the offer, and they showed up on time.

Soon, Sylvia, Bryant and Barbara were cleaning up Granny’s Garden.  It was a lot of work.  While they did that, I used the tractor and chain to pull out some unwanted mulberry trees in the walk-out area.  With Bryant’s help, I even pulled out an overgrown shrub.

Barbara cleaned up the holly bushes (one male, one female)

Barbara cleaned up the holly bushes (one male, one female)

A couple steps back to reveal more.

Gone is the chaotic jumble that ruled this region

Gone is the chaotic jumble that ruled this region

Turn and see the other half of Granny’s Garden.

Hollyhocks and roses hold forth in this side

Hollyhocks and roses hold forth in this side.  Can you see the garlic?

There’s still a lot left to do.  We expect to make slower progress on that front.


Sylvia’s therapy is going well.  Mobility is rapidly returning to her wrist as she faithfully does her prescribed exercises.  Her goal is to be finished with therapy by month’s end.  I believe she’ll do it.

On Wheels

Sylvia and a few other women took the children roller skating last night.  And . . .



Called from the meeting
Sylvia on Roller skates
Fell upon her wrist

Not really my doctor.

Not really her doctor.

Help Sought

Emergency Room
This night it is filled with folks
Each with their own need

The fall resulted in a distal radius fracture.  In other words, she broke her wrist.  She’s doing well, but the next six weeks should be interesting.

Costume Season

Last week, Briana (granddaughter), posted that having red hair, she could take on a persona that others could not portray.  I waited patiently to find out the meaning of her statement.  Today I found out.

Briana and friend

Briana and friend

Can you name the character that she assumed last Friday?

G Ma

Flashback Friday is hosted by Camille.  (Click on the badge to visit her blog, which is the home of Flashback Friday.

I’ve been lax on posting lately, and I apologize for that.  Today, I’m sharing this picture of my paternal grandmother with you.

My grandma the fashion model

Yup, her mother ran a millinery shop.  Quite enterprising for a turn of the [last] century woman.  Grandma was a piano player and when she was older derived some income for playing for the silent movies.  I miss her stories and especially that infectious laugh she had and passed along to others.