Surrounded by Beauty

Just open your eyes
Beauty encompasses you
See, rejoice, be glad


The green plant that surrounds the flowers is New Zealand spinach.  We love it as its leaves are thicker than traditional spinach and (more important) it doesn’t bolt in warm weather.  Beautiful greens from spring until first frost!


The mulch that Barbara and Bryant put down in Sylvia’s granny garden is still controlling weeds very well.  Looks like I need to go out there for twenty minutes and do a little clean up.


The end of summer is on us, and fall arrives next week.  These blossoms tell me that it will soon be autumn.  Enjoy the warm earth and cooler air of the season.


Do you think we need more color in this corner?


This is here to remind us that beauty is wherever you find it.  What do you see around you?

Don’t try this — Ever

Will someone tell him this is not an air race

Will someone tell him this is not an air race?

Austin didn’t win
At the end he spun up high
Don’t try this at home

At the end of a rain delayed Coke Zero 400 at Daytona, a freak accident sent 25-year-old Austin Dillon flying inverted over two rows of cars.  That phase of his terrifying ride came to an end at the catch fence.  His car went from 180 MPH to full stop in about two car lengths.  The car fell back on the track and slid to the side.  The ride wasn’t over.  An out of control car came spinning his way.   Another hit sent the demolished vehicle into another spin.

Shock and near panic followed.  Crew members ran to Austin’s aid.  He climbed out and waved at the crowd.  Austin suffered a bruised tail bone and arm.  Some spectators were also injured.

Can you believe he finished seventh?  He did.

This is not why I watch NASCAR races.  I like to see the ballet of a well executed pit stop.  Or a clean, smart pass.  It’s good to see a different strategy develop and bring the driver and car to victory lane.

I suppose it’s like water polo or hockey, if you don’t understand the rules and strategies, it can be very confusing.

Life is like that too.

On Schedule

Spring Begins

Winter bows to spring,
Grass changes from brown to green
Soon the earth will warm.

Last evening looking out my office window

Last evening looking out my office window

There is a fourth critter (rabbit) in the left foreground.  It was dusk when I shot this and it was handheld, thus the less than sharp image.

Spring Develops

Slowly days lengthen,
Warm gentle rain falls down,
Earth awakes to life.

On Wheels

Sylvia and a few other women took the children roller skating last night.  And . . .



Called from the meeting
Sylvia on Roller skates
Fell upon her wrist

Not really my doctor.

Not really her doctor.

Help Sought

Emergency Room
This night it is filled with folks
Each with their own need

The fall resulted in a distal radius fracture.  In other words, she broke her wrist.  She’s doing well, but the next six weeks should be interesting.

Wandering Mind

Do you remember the radio program, X Minus One?  It was, in their own words:

. . . Adventures in which you will live in a million could-be years on a thousand maybe worlds.

I really liked that program, but they don’t do that on radio these days.  That genre doesn’t do as well (for me) on a screen–be it big or little.

Are modern minds being limited and imagination stifled?  I hope not.

Free-ranging I go


My mind wanders far,
Time, space impose no limits,

A Mind Walk

120606aObligatory post of an outdoor scene (my pic from another time)

I was in a meeting recently, and from where I sat I could look out a window.  I tried to stay alert and attentive, but my mind went for a walk.  I tried to get it back, but once again it strayed.  My third attempt was also an exercise in futility.  Then the wayward one spoke clearly to me

The Sun Calls

Brightly the sun shines

Inviting me to come, play

But I’m trapped indoors.

Has this ever happened to you?

Almost Here

We’ve been eagerly awaiting spring and it’s coming soon to your neighborhood and mine.  I’m talking about spring.  It may shock some, but it is not my favorite season.  The joy in seeing spring, for me, is winter’s end.


Earliest Spring

Lead-gray sky above,
Thick clouds sent from the west lake,
Earth is cold and damp.

Maple Tree in Winter

Naked she stands guard,
Watching over the bleak land,
With spring comes glory.

Why plant a tree?

I was a youngster when my grandfather planted three trees–three tiny trees.  I asked, “Whatcha doin’ Grandpa?”

He responded, “I’m planting these three trees.”

Still curious, I asked, “Why.”

“So they’ll grow tall and give shade to this area,” was his reply.

My questions continued, “How long will that take?”

He responded, “Probably thirty years.”

I Thought about that for a while.  Then I asked, “You probably won’t be around then, huh?”

“I probably won’t,” he agreed.

My final question followed, “So why then are you doing it?”

He proceeded to explain life cycles people, plants and animals.  He told me about the importance of leaving your part of the world better than you found it.

Boston April 2013

This should have been posted some time ago.  In doing blog maintenance, I discovered this still in draft stage.  Somehow, I failed to publish this short piece, which is a reaction to the craven cowardice of the perpetrators of the Boston bombing and salute to the those who rushed to the rescue.

When these lines were written we didn’t know that there were two bombers–brothers that share the same surname.  Here is Boston April 2013

The cowards fled while heroes sped
Their goal the innocent blood
That flowed from the grievous wounds

Such great shame now stains the name
That dealt such treacherous blow
Our spirit bent but not our will

Let us sing the heroes’ praise
Our voices united raise
Justice reign and freedom ring