Merry Gold

We still have plenty of color in the flower gardens.  Sylvia has kept things look good out there.


All that gold makes me feel rich beyond measure.  Wait.  It gets better.


You can pep it up a step.  Or even two.


The purslane adds such a nice touch of color that we’ve let it grow.  At least the ones we didn’t harvest earlier for our dinner table.  The succulent stems and leaves are good in a salad or steamed for greens.

This year, we’ve also added lamb’s quarters (yes, the weed) to our diet.  Thanks Sharkey for telling us about them.  The young tender shoots are best and can be added raw to a salad or steamed as greens.  In the later case a bit of balsamic vinegar adds a nice touch.  (Hint: they make good snacks when you are out in the garden or on a hike.)

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I am retired after a career in electronics and in publishing. Today, my wife of 50+ years, Sylvia, and I live in a house on a hill beside a dirt road in rural west Michigan. We enjoy living in this country environment where livestock and wild life out number the human population.

10 thoughts on “Merry Gold

  1. That’s all interesting for me . The only weeds or flower leaves that I have ever eaten were Dandilion leaves!! Have also heard of Dandilion wine!! I really don’t know what Lambs quarters are!!!

    • You can also eat the dandelion blossoms. We like purslane as well. I used to grow Jerusalem artichokes to harvest the roots, which are a tasty snack when eaten raw. Click on the link lamb’s quarters to learn more about lamb’s quarters.

  2. When I was a wee lad lamb’s quarters provided the basic green in our diet. Goat ate it, too, and turned it into our milk.

    • I regret all the years I mumbled against lamb’s quarters as I pulled them out of the garden and discarded them. Lots of good info at I was surprised they didn’t list purslane as an edible weed.

    • Fall flowers seem to be very special to me. In Ionia today, the marigolds were marvelous and really made the city shine.

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