Color Tour

It is now late spring, and summer will soon be upon us.  With camera in hand I went out to check on our flower gardens.  Here is part of what I saw:







You might call the clover among the daises a weed, but I like them.

A brief pop-up shower Monday afternoon should perk things up a bit.  The veggie garden got better attention and more moisture.



Peonies on Parade

Peonies?  Yes, we have them.  Let me show you three of them. These are an interesting study in lighting.  If you get past the color differences, you can see different types of lighting illustrated.  In the first (pink), the subject is in shade and the light is flat, non-directional.  Contrast is fairly low and details are more clearly seen.


In the second (purple), direct sunlight is coming from behind the flower and slightly to the left.  I did a tiny bit of touch-up with a graphics program.


The final (white) subject was the most difficult.  The sun illuminates a little over half of this beauty.  Also it is white, which means the highest contrast.  It took a bit more touch-up to satisfy me with this image.160605d

I should have waited for an overcast day, but I didn’t.  Sometimes it’s enough to just enjoy the beauty of creation.

Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. Matthew 6:29

Granny’s Garden

We’ve called the garden area along our foundation wall Granny’s Garden since Briana (granddaughter) gave Sylvia a sign with “Granny’s Garden” on it.  Time and weather have destroyed the sign.  The name remains.

This year, Bryant and Barbara came the Saturday before Mother’s Day and cleaned out that area, putting down fresh mulch.  They also gave her a gift certificate to Flower Land and a beautiful handmade card.  (Handmade cards are a tradition in Barbara’s family, and they do a terrific job each time.)

I went out this morning to check on the plants.


In addition to her new flowers, you can see a rose, giant garlic, mint and hollyhocks.  (Yes, we enjoy fresh garlic–a lot!)


The mica is from Sylvia’s father.  When we see it we think of him.


Holly and peony grow in the end corners.  Barbara trimmed the holly bushes so they look great.

Once again we say, “Thank you very much.”

Bright and Beautiful

Just before Mother’s Day, it seemed that the whole world was taking on beautiful hues in anticipation of the upcoming tribute.


Some trees pink.  Others are white.


I’ve been watching for the grape hyacinth to appear in the lawn.  It finally has.


We had some nicer hyacinths growing near our back door.  Like the crocus, they disappeared one year.  Now, we have to check under the mulberry tree to find them.

Sometimes life goes that way.  You have to seek if you want to find.

Further Developments

I’ve been watching for the final daffodil variation.  They have finally opened.


They may be a bit plain, but I enjoy them–a lot.  It adds a nice contrast to the garden.

Coming soon will be the tulips.  Those lips are already puckered.  About to kiss the world and blossom forth.


Those pix were taken yesterday (Sunday) afternoon.  This morning, I went out to check progress.  This is what I found.


Yes, It is the same tulip.  Only the shoot angle has been changed to please the photographer.  And there was another that hadn’t even started to open yesterday.


Rain and possible thunderstorms are forecast for this afternoon.  We’ll see.

Daffy & Birds

Until the other day, the only daffodils that I saw in the flower beds were the dark yellow variety.  Then these with lighter petal appeared.


Hiding, almost out of sight, I found these.


Oh, yes!  Aren’t they beauties?  There’s still another variety, but it usually appears later than the rest.  Okay by me.  That stretches out the beauty.

For the Birds

As I sat at the breakfast table this morning, I finally saw him.  I’d been hearing his song for the last week or so, which meant he was close, but not visible.  The bright red of the cardinal sitting on the garden fence caught my eye.  I was glad to see him.

As the cardinal left, a robin landed on the lawn near our window.  He would do his bob, bob, bobbing along routine, then stop, cock his head to one side and get a little closer to the ground.  Then he’d pop back up, bob, bob, stop, tilt head, peck at the grass and come up with something to eat.  I watched, enjoying the show until he flew off on another errand.

These are good days.

Feeling Daffy

The miniature daffodils are in bloom.  They are really neat.

A regular size daffodils puts the miniatures in scale.

A regular size daffodil puts the miniatures in scale.

Thus far only the dark yellows have blossomed.  We have some other shades, but they tend to blossom a little later.  I’ll keep watching.

Warm weather is now with us.  That’s kind of nice.  It means that it’s time to get outdoors and do some work on lawn and garden.

That’s a good thing.  Not only does it feel good, but it also helps one to sleep better at night.

An Encounter

It happened when it was not expected.  With my hands full of fallen branches, I was headed toward the brush pile when I saw them.  Enthralled, I watched them as they tried to hide in the afternoon shadows.  Assured they would be there in the morning, I returned after breakfast the next day and captured this image.

Content to bask in the sun in their home on the lawn.

Content to bask in the sun in their home on the lawn.

Last year, Sharkey told us what these are called.  I failed to make a note. :no:   These are beautiful spring flowers.  Fortunately, there are more this year than there were last year.  When mowing, I’ll skip this part of the grass while they are in bloom.

I wanted to get better acquainted and so moved closer.  They posed nicely for their close-up.

These delicate beauties are about thumb-nail size.

These delicate beauties are about thumb-nail size.

Spring snows are gone.  Warmer temperatures are taking control.  Life is good.

One of Those Days


Saturday, the snow began to fall.  Large flakes hit the ground and soon disappeared.  What would you expect from snow in April?

Snow fall intensified.  Certainly it won’t accumulate–but it did.


Saturday evening, the sun set on a snow-covered scene.  Sunday, it slowly went away, leaving the earth green once again.

Easter Surprise

Last Saturday, I checked for new blossoms.  None were out.  I took this picture with the intention of posting it today under the banner of “Promises of Things to Come.”


On Easter, I went out again on another scouting mission.  Just below the new basement window–it had been replaced on Saturday–I discovered these.


It was very special to find those first blossoms on Easter.  I can’t find words to tell you how I felt.


It looks like we are in for a good week.